Modus ry in English

Founded in Tampere, Finland in 2001, the Pirkanmaa design, arts and crafts association Modus ry (Pirkanmaan muotoilu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry) has established itself as a nationally renowned and recognised association that promotes professional design, arts and crafts. Members of Modus share a common set of values: high quality, ethics and ecology. The association collaborates with other cultural bodies and companies.

The name of the association is Pirkanmaan muotoilu- ja taideteollisuusyhdistys Modus ry (Pirkanmaa design, arts and crafts association Modus ry), and the domicile of the association is Tampere, Finland.

The purpose of the association is to

  • represent the general and common interests of independent designers and artists with regard to the exercise of their profession
  • help improve the general operational preconditions in the industry
  • promote the collaboration of its members.


To pursue its purpose the association

  • engages in information and publishing activities
  • puts forward motions and makes statements on matters that concern design, arts and crafts
  • organises meetings, lectures and study trips for its members
  • maintains relations to industry-related organisations and educational institutions
  • organises counselling and training events to instruct and advise its members on matters related to the exercise of their profession.


Member benefits

As a member of Modus ry, you are a part of the network of design, arts and crafts professionals and cultural bodies in the Pirkanmaa region. As a member you will also receive information on exhibitions, competitions, seminars and other events in the industry. Modus ry organises joint exhibitions and opportunities to sell products for its members.

Any professional with a university, polytechnic or college degree in design, arts and crafts as well as any person who has otherwise acquired a similar level of professional skills can apply for membership. In addition, the association may accept student and patron members. The membership fee is €75 a year.